From Spring 1946 and ’47, and again with thanks to Thomas Brown. Thomas reports that these adverts ran “only once, and in only one magazine. Even if Ayres did ads in the same month in Vogue and Harper’s, the ads were different….much unlike today.” This would explain why finding these advertisements can be so challenging these days.

ayres_spring_1946_001-sm ayres_spring_1947_001-sm

The L.S. Ayres family and then, Frederick Ayres family resided in what is now the Old Northside in the same block as he Benjamin Harrison family. Their family home was located on the west side of Delaware Street, directly across from the Assembly Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses at 12th and south of the Benjamin Harrison home. Here is the home sometime in the 1920s…


The home was torn down when the interstate highway was put in, around 1971, even though it wasn’t necessary. Presumably, the off-ramp to Pennsylvania Street nicked the southwest corner of the Ayres property, so the entire parcel was bought and cleared. The land has been vacant since, but you can play croquet on some of it during the Wicket World of Croquet at The Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site.

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