photoDoes your heart skip a beat when you chance upon an old hometown brand while out vintage shopping–especially when it’s a long-time favorite like Block’s or Ayres? With a beloved company such as Block’s that lasted almost 100 years, let’s look back at the evolution of their branding through the decades. The above is one of the earliest found, from 1898, when the original storefront was still on Washington Street.


By 1940, this cursive script represented the brand, and much of the marketing images included a sketch of the entrance to the store (on Illinois Street)


And in 1951


This was also from 1951:


Abbreviated full name: the Wm H. Block Co.

And here is 1965:

photo 2

The tags inside the clothes weren’t always consistent either; note this one from inside a 40’s or 50’s fur wrap:


There are more out there, undoubtedly, but which is your favorite?

And do you call it/ remember it as Block’s or Wm H. Block & Co?