“There’s nothing new under the sun,” so the saying goes–and never more so than in the world of fashion.

There are, in fact, just so many ways you can drape and decorate the human form. If you’re a regular reader of this column, you already know that this author finds little reason to stray beyond the fashions of the 1960’s. Besides, any runway show you could ever attend has borrowed heavily from all that has come before, if not  just blatantly plagiarized.

This glorious early spring beckons my inner coquette to come out; this must be accompanied by dresses or skirts for me. Chances are you’ll find this gal out and about in the Circle City in some form of one of these–join in!

Pencil skirt- Tall gals can pull this off especially well. Lengths vary, just make sure it doesn’t hit the widest point of your calf or it’ll make you look heavier. Paired with a matching or non-matching jacket is a favorite–who doesn’t love a vintage style suit?

I’m not sure I understand the rationale for having any puckering or adding bulk to the waistline (as you can tell below)–even if you’re a toothpick–but the color would brighten any gal’s day.

Finding a pencil with an unexpected little detail like a couple inverted box pleats on the back adds a little more oomph to the super simple…

…but not everyone can pull off a pencil skirt–short girls or pear shaped girls with a disproportionately heavy bottom half might want to choose a style that better balances out their figure.

Knife pleated skirts always have a youthful feel to them–perhaps because of the propensity of school uniforms and cheerleader skirts to employ this eye-catching feature. Pair this style with a simple top and let the pleats be the busy bit of business.

I can’t help but feel playful and girly in a super-full skirt and– along with hats, I’d like to bring back the full, crinoline-requiring skirt–it shouldn’t be reserved for Rockabilly girls and square-dancing grannies. Voluminous layers are fun and inevitably make me feel special when I go there. Matter of a fact, I just decided what I’ll be wearing today. If you see a gal in a full flouncy skirt today–it just might be me.

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  1. Kaitlin says:

    I don’t find pencil skirts very comfortable, but they do look fabulous (on tall girls — I’m not very tall). However, the full skirt looks like fun. I’d love to wear them!

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