I don’t know about you, but this is the most eagerly anticipated autumn I can recall. Ever. And with it, the colors of fall will soon be moved back into my wardrobe’s repertoire.

You could ease your way into the warmer tones of the fall with something like this large yellow swing coat from February 1953, exactly the type of thing you would have found at William H. Block Co. or L.S. Ayres some decades ago…

Add accessories with grey or black to yellow–a timeless color combination.

If the heat persists well into the fall, a style like this with a combination of fall colors would look fresh. This one from January 1954.

PerhapsĀ  you’re into the mod thing, or need more layers? Check out the yellow over orange sweater combo from November 1960. Or the leggy look of the same era (below) with big jewelry. What’s that? Hot orange pants and shoes with yellow tops and deep lavender belt. Would you give this a try? Or did you?