No Doubt there would have been a lot more long sleeves, for a start. Some of those ladies looked chilly at yesterday’s Oscars, even in California, but had they been in Indianapolis, outerwear would have been non-negotiable.

And taking inspiration from this week’s Sunday Ads, let’s look at a few more fur styles of the past–movie star appropriate– for those without issues against fur. Times have certainly changed–there are some great faux furs available now. However you feel about it, before the advent of insulating manufactured materials, fur was one of the best way to keep warm…and still has associations with glamor and luxury.

The following are examples from the late 1940’s.

Many of us know of grandmothers who once wore fur. I’ll admit to owning a couple vintage pieces, but can’t fathom buying a new one today…your thoughts?


, we’ll continue with the theme of furs that would have undoubtedly graced the shoulders of some…

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