I don’t know about you, but that warmer weather last week got me schvitzing. Time to double down on the anti-perspirant. It’s not just prevention, there’s also augmentation: perfume. Prior to developing allergies, I loved perfume–now it’s a rare and special occasion that I can use it, but for the rest of you– do you stick with one scent? Have a vanity filled with different aromas? How do you roll, ladies of Indianapolis?

These colorful Avon adverts from 1954 for “Cotillion” make me want to try it. How about you?

These ads also bring to mind the question: what is the earliest memory you have of a door to door cosmetics sales person? Was it indeed, Avon? And if so, what else do you recall and in what part of the city were you?

Look at how the Avon business model has been replicated through other markets, and it seems, overwhelmingly, directed at women. Why do you suppose that is?

Anyone recall these two Adrian scents? William H. Block and Company were the exclusive Indianapolis purveyors of his clothes–did that extend to his perfumes as well? And who among you purchased your perfume at Block’s? And if not there, where?

I just loved the name of this one from the 1940’s. What is the first scent you ever wore or do you even recall what your mother or grandmother wore by name? Do tell!

I almost wish this was a scratch and sniff exercise…


4 responses to “Ladies Lounge: What’s your scent, Indianapolis?”

  1. deborah dorman says:

    my first love… a young girl……shalimar….the smell and the bottle alone, sheer class in a bottle was my first thought ….that is all i wore from highschool till i was well into my 20’s…whenever i see it i still think of my youth and smile….i need to buy a bottle again…dd

  2. Johanna says:

    My Grandmother’s favorite scent was Chanel #5. I still love that fragrance. Alas, my allergies keep me from wearing any type of fragrance.

  3. Sue Ellen Tipping says:

    Thank you for the Avon historical ads. I truly enjoyed the memories. My first fragrance was Evening in Paris, a brand that was very inexpensive bought at the local dime store. Then I graduated to Avon and Roses was my favorite fragrance. The Cotillion ad above brought tears to my eyes because I recall it like it was yesterday. I am now an old woman, but I still wear my makeup and perfume!!

  4. Tiffany Benedict Berkson says:

    Thank you for sharing, Sue Ellen. It’s wonderful to have such strong emotional memories of our lives. 🙂

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