It still tickles me when I get stopped on the street, not for directions, but for inquiries as to where I got what I’m wearing. With that in mind, I thought I’d share some of my favorite resources.

For this week’s guest post for IndySpectator, I write about Indianapolis resources for vintage clothing, but there are other locations worth the trip and some online favorites which provide my favorite sort of escape: into a world when no one wore pajama bottoms and slippers outside their home; where workout clothes were only worn when working out; where women reveled in their femininity. Sigh. Even the house dresses of yesterday look a hundred times better than what most will don outdoors these days. So as a preview and follow-up to the IndySpectator post, here are some of my favorite other places to get my vintage on.

Online: Dorothea’s Closet Vintage facebook and website – I LOVE this online store. If you are only interested in high quality, beautiful wearable art from Victorian times through the 1980’s, Dorothea’s has the EYE! I love how she breaks down merchandise by decades/ eras and everything is beautifully presented. I only wish I had more money…if you are looking for a special occasion dress or need a show-stopper in general, this is the place to go!


Courtesy Dorothea’s Closet, and “the one that got away,” from her collection of 1930’s dresses.             

If you are obnoxiously wealthy or want something that perhaps belonged to a Hollywood starlet once upon a time, you must check out all kinds of awesome offerred on THE FROCK. I fall in love with something every time I visit. But can only press my nose against the screen, because it is waaaay out of my price range!

Two other favorites: DeniseBrain –this fab purveyor of vintage lived in Bloomington while attending IU Music School and her husband is a native Hoosier! She does it all: etsy, ebay, online store, facebook–you name it! and she’s ridiculously cute modeling all her wares!

and finally, Couture Allure always offers some dazzling treasures and great photos on facebook…and features awesome content on the blog! 

Just get to know your measurements and what styles best flatter you, and you can navigate the waters of online vintage shopping!

If you are up for a road trip from Indianapolis, and headed ‘down south,’ you must check out Elizabeth’s and tell her I said HI!

Elizabeth’s Timeless Attire – 2050 Frankfort Avenue, Louisville, KY 40206 



Some of the delectable dresses on display at Elizabeth’s Timeless Attire.


Wool purse with lucite handle, rhinestone detailing at Elizabeth’s. 


A few head-toppers on offer at Elizabeth’s


A few other handbags found at Elizabeth’s.

Though I didn’t get any photos, Nitty Gritty is another favorite stop worth checking out if you’re ever in Louisville.

And as a recap, locally: Harloh’s is at 640 Virginia Ave. on the corner of College & Virginia 


You may even find some vintage goodies from Indianapolis’ more fashionable past life…


This red Emma Domb is in mint condition–in the newly expanded section of Harloh’s


and the label inside a…


gorgeous vintage coat…


IndySwank is just up the street at 1040 Virginia Ave. in the Murphy Building.

And we are very excited about the grand opening of Minx Vintage & Home in the Penn Arts Building on Friday, August 5, 2011 from 5:00-9:00pm.


Sneak peak at a few Minx bags on offer…


Sumptuous buttermilk 50s summer dress at Minx


fab cloche hat at Minx- don’t miss the opening! In the newly refurbished Penn Arts Building!


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