Ladies, let’s roll back the clock by a mere 105 years and look at a few of the fashions that would be on offer for you at that time.


This is a brief selection of Wooltex Styles, which appears to have been a brand of ready-to-wear clothes, as I have found adverts in various publications beckoning stylish ladies to stores in a variety of locations.



This one, as you may note, is summoning you to the Kokomo Dry Goods Co. Presumably, if these fashions were available to the ladies of Kokomo, they were certainly available to the ladies of Indianapolis in 1906. Was it William H. Block, who got his start in Kokomo 28 years before, who offered Wooltex to the ladies of Indianapolis? Or L. S. Ayres? Or, perhaps, Joseph Rink’s store? We may never know, but surely, a few of these ensembles graced the streets of Indianapolis 105 years ago.


Please share your thoughts on the fashions of this time period, and what you think it would have felt like…

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