Our Mission

To Know Indy is to Love Indy

HI’s mission is to ignite interest, create conversation and and spark action about and in Indianapolis, Indiana.

If you believe in that mission, and how we go about it– we’d love your support. Please consider becoming a volunteer, monthly donor, buy our products or advertise with us!

More of the philosophy that drives HI:

  •  HI exists to make Indy better– the more you know the city, the more you love it. If you love it, you take better care of it and we all make Indianapolis even better.
  • Conservation, preservation and rehabilitation of historic buildings first. That old stuff is irreplaceable and priceless. It connects us to our roots. Let’s keep what we have left and take good care of it. Plus it’s better for the envioronment–bonus!
  • When old buildings can’t be saved or preserved, what replaces them should be awesome: innovate, inspire, make us contemplate–in a good way.
  • We must take care of Indy’s urban core. Bill Hudnut said, “You can’t be a suburb of nowhere.” Indianapolis is the primary economic driver for the state, Indiana’s largest city and cultural epicenter, and without it, those suburbs would be nowhere. Seriously.
  • We love, support and prefer local businesses whenever and wherever possible–especially those in historic buildings and/or neighborhoods. #neighborhoodpride
  • Speaking of neighborhoods: they should serve neighbors first, commuters somewhere thereafter. Pedestrians and cyclists first, then cars. 
  • Indianapolis had an enviable and vital public transportation system that included interurbans, trolleys and buses. We want to bring back #indytranist to the people of Marion and surrounding counties.

Learned something new? Question answered? New connection made? Generally inspired or entertained? Love Indy more?

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