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“A great deal of what we see depends on what we are looking for.”  

(And if you are looking for some engaging entertainment in an historic setting without having to pay for it, I have TWO TICKETS to give away…) It’s a bit of a whacky Wednesday, and as such, tonight, I’m trying something different.

Recently queried about why I am so deeply passionate about history, it occurred to me that what I like about history is the same thing I like about art, music, literature and all things that conjure and move my imagination. We all bring our own perspective to what we see (or hear), so that, much like a prism or a conduit, the art/music/literature/history is somewhat inert until it filters through you– to come up with your own unique experience of it. (And no, this thought was not precipitated by hallucinogenics.)

Surely amongst the 3,000+ followers of this page, there is a music lover or two in the crowd. And while tastes vary widely (my own included), I’m moved enough by this music to advocate, as I do for the other things that move me, on the chance it just may move you, too. The world never ceases to amaze and impress me with its various avenues of inspiration. So ease on down this road with me for a few and maybe you’ll be moved, too.

And what has brought on this offbeat post? A unique musician who has brought a zip to my step and wakefulness on my drives on numerous occasions. Come to think of it, this fella has often kept me company while composing the posts you read on this website. Julian Velard will be putting on a show at The (historic) Irving Theater tomorrow night—with curatain up at 8pm and I would love to see you there! Join me and a few other lovers of Historic Indianapolis to spread some of that famed Hoosier hospitality under the myriad of tapping toes.  And why would you want to do that? You may not have this musician’s repertoire committed fully to memory, but you’ve got a night to replay his videos, should you be so moved… you will also get a hearty helping of personality to go with it, at no extra charge. Cheer on a one-of-a-kind talent, headed for the stars (history-in-the-making, I’m predicting it, right now!) while you can still catch him in a small venue. AND, the venue informs me that if you wear glitter (a wink to the other artist of the evening, Rachael Sage) or a Bowtie – a nod to Julian- (a.k.a. Mr. Saturday Night himself) who will be rocking one, you will get some fun, free, gear!


(Courtesy Julian Velard)

Still in need of further inducement? Don’t you find it amusing that a native New Yorker would select two Hoosier lads for the title and chorus of a wistful glance at an idealized past—”Jimmy Dean and Steve McQueen”—as those perennial purveyors of cool, to spare him/ us from the ways of the world today? The overall tone is nostalgia at its finest, so presupposing you will appreciate a slice of such sentimentality. (And for good measure, toss in a nod to a 10-year old singer of some note from Gary, Indiana.) I don’t want to do Julian’s music a disservice by trying to describe it. It’s like that line—not sure where I heard it—“Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.” So give a listen, feel free to ignore my cursory commentary and on this occasion, please be interactive!

The song “Do It Alone,” immediately evokes a 70’s t.v. sitcom for me, but back up and hands off, because if I ever make one, this one’s mine!

The first release on Julian’s latest album, Mr. Saturday Night, communes with my most playful side, carefree and shoeless—as I suspect it will for other pop-and-wit lovers. It is indeed, unabashed pop, and I unabashedly love it. See if you don’t picture yourself cruising Indianapolis with the windows rolled down, tapping along on your steering wheel to this tune. (And thanks, Julian, now I really want those blasted piano lessons I’ve been putting off…)

“Jimmy Dean & Steve McQueen” – gotta go to Youtube to watch, but here it is:

So here’s the deal: pick any Julian Velard song and share what sounds you pluck out of his arrangements. Remind you of anyone else? I don’t care if it’s a pepto-bismol commercial, I’m eager to hear what kind of aural capabilities are amongst our community peanut gallery. Or, if that’s not your bag, do you know of another song mentioning notable Hoosiers? Would love to know about that too…

I’d hate to have to revert to my base inclination to drone on about the eye-candy factor or how there is nothing so profoundly hot as a wordsmith. Well, except guys who wear glasses.

Soon to follow, I will share some random snippets of history about The Irving Theater…

And p.s. June 9, 1891- The beloved Hoosier composer, Cole Porter was born in Peru, Indiana.


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