A little Wednesday afternoon mystery photo… All we know is this home was designed by Thomas A. Winterowd and appeared in a Ladies Home Journal, like some other mystery photos we’ve featured. Have you seen this one? Any clue where it is, if in fact, it still is at all?


4 responses to “Mystery House #4- Have you seen me?”

  1. Rachel says:

    I am originally from Indianapolis, but currently live in southern Indiana. I honestly thought this beautiful house was at Emerson and Pleasant Run/New York. I even made my husband drive by on our way out of town so I could take a picture. I was stunned to see it isn’t the same house. I hope you find this awesome house! I bet it is close!

  2. pleasant run blvd says:

    east of ritter on the blvd

  3. tammy king says:

    is this the house on ritter next to school #57

  4. Mike says:

    Google says either Irvington or Woodruff Place.

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