Yep, you read that right. This year at HI headquarters, it’s not so much about a resolution as a revolution–as in overthrowing the way something has been done.

What’s that, then? Of course, we’d love to see an end to world hunger, never ending world-peace and a government that actually works, but that’s not our path. Our mission is to connect you to where you are, where you were or where you’re going–especially if that place is Indianapolis. That’s what must change–this odd notion that history is boring or irrelevant. We beg to differ, friends! So…how? What can we do?

First of all, we will be seeking more opportunities to speak to groups about how to start genealogy research and home research–and generally encouraging people to climb their family tree–it will open you up to worlds you never imagined!

We are open to your ideas as well. We will continue to develop any material that might excite, entice or incite appreciation and preservation of our shared history.  I say “our” because it belongs to all of us and there is plenty to share.

Assuming we can keep operational funds incoming, we will also continue to bring you the regularly scheduled features we have developed: Indianapolis, Then & Now; Room With a View; Favorite Fridays; Indianapolis Collected; Sunday Ads and Prayers (both returning next week); Building Language–but we will also be adding features as the year unfolds. What we’d love to see more of is your participation and contribution.

Do you have a great view from your home or office? Please send it in for “Room With a View”–don’t keep it to yourself, and you don’t have to tidy up, because we just want to see what you see out your window. This will create an interesting mosaic of perspectives of Indianapolis that people would otherwise never be exposed to.

Got an architectural element you’ve always admired on a building? Please, send it in–I’m sure Raina would be happy to sleuth it out for you and feature it in Building Language.

Chanced upon an original vintage photo of a home or business in Indianapolis? Surely you’ve realized what a solid detective and photo historian Joan Hostetler is–and she’s always looking for undiscovered photos of the city and state–follow her on facebook–she’s always sharing her great finds.

Collect something odd or awesome from Indianapolis past? You couldn’t find a better way to show it off than to share with Libby–empathetic she is, with the urge to stockpile–Indianapolis Collected is like an antique show dedicated to one genre and your city, and always beautifully crafted story-telling.

We all have favorite buildings and homes, and if you have one (at least 50 years old) that you’d like to share, if we agree, we’d love to feature your favorites too!

Lastly, if you own a business in an historic building or neighborhood, or you carry on a long-standing craft of some kind, you are the kind of business with whom we would love to collaborate. You should be commended and rewarded for what you are doing in and for our city– our audience would undoubtedly prefer to support you over a chain if they are aware of you!


3 responses to “New Year’s Revolution”

  1. Donna Winsted says:

    I’d like to see neighborhood information presented to each individual neighborhood association. You’ve done so much research on the Herron-Morton area, wouldn’t it be great to let the inhabitants of other neighborhoods know about their history?!

    Just a thought……………


  2. Tiffany Benedict Berkson says:

    Donna, I would love to feature tons more about other neighborhoods, and if anyone wants to help sponsor research or put that together, that would be fantastic and I hope they will get in touch. This website has been operating through the generosity of a small group of small donors and one very big private donor, but the latter is at the end. Help me find sponsorships, and we will get more neighborhood research happen! And p.s. The reason I know so much about Herron-Morton and Old Northside is through being historian of Herron-Morton Place, which I started when I had a full time job in outside sales…

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