Have you ever contemplated the whole story of the buildings you admire? Sure, you wonder when something was built, who desgined it and attempt to identify the style without reference books. But how often do you ponder what dramas may have played out during the creation of some glorious piece of architecture or inspiring work of art? To what have these inanimate objects borne witness?
One of the Murat’s earliest observances:
ironworker-largeHard to believe anyone would have to work on a slick and icy roof in freezing temperatures.
And what would have became of poor Mrs. Cunningham? How did she get along? Did the witnessing workers take up a collection for her? Did she have other family in the city who could help her? 100 years ago, lawsuits weren’t the popular sport they are today.
How would this have been handled today? I think we all know it would involve a meaty lawsuit.

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