The front of the card says it all: It’s worth $1,000 to see you in Indianapolis, IND.

This unpostmarked Penny Post was written from Indianapolis in December 1916. Presumably, the novelty, applique card was hand delivered since it does not bear any Postal Service markings.


Indpls Dec 1916
Dear Friend:
Will send you first a remembrance to remind you of this Xmas day. recd yours & Ida’s letters. was glad to hear from you. Every body going to leave —- like my place just fine. You will have to come but went run in town yesterday and the stores were so crowded we could hardly get to the counter, —- Nellie Bottles wedding was a big affair, wasn’t it. Say did Olive M get married, where did Lida go that Wed. that she wanted her suit so bad, is Mildred their. tell them I wish them a merry Xmas and are all ok, it certainly looks like it is going to be a whiter xmas the way it is snowing, wish all a merry Cmas, space is limited

A penny for your thoughts … Nellie’s message is a quintessential example of Postcardese; the style of short sentences with limited punctuation that abruptly jump from one subject to another. Not to mention, frequent misspellings and limited legibility. If you can figure out what parts we couldn’t, please leave a comment below!

Post Script: Today, factoring in inflation, the postcard would read, “It’s worth $22,262.11 to see you in Indianapolis, IND.”

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