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Postmarked: Indianapolis, IND. Dec. 26, 1910 7-PM



1216 Cornell
Indianapolis Ind.
Dec 26

Dear Friends,
so glad to get the lovely remembrances
many thanks, all are well, and had a very nice Xmas.
think of you folks so often.
With Love
Laura H

Addressed to:

Mrs. J. A. Nall
2108 Grand Ave.
Louisville, KY

A penny for your thoughts … From the postcard, it’s not clear exactly who Laura H. was, nor her relation to 1216 Cornell Ave. The city directories from 1909 – 1914 list a Mr. John W. Pendergast (photographer and optician) as the resident of the address. Perhaps Laura was a visitor? A lodger? As Indianapolians looked forward to ringing in 1911, take a look back at what would have been “the best of 1910.” Tell us in the comments, dear readers, what are your lovely remembrances of a past Indianapolis New Years Eve?

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