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Postmarked: Indianapolis, IND. Dec. 26, 1910 7-PM



1216 Cornell
Indianapolis Ind.
Dec 26

Dear Friends,
so glad to get the lovely remembrances
many thanks, all are well, and had a very nice Xmas.
think of you folks so often.
With Love
Laura H

Addressed to:

Mrs. J. A. Nall
2108 Grand Ave.
Louisville, KY

A penny for your thoughts … From the postcard, it’s not clear exactly who Laura H. was, nor her relation to 1216 Cornell Ave. The city directories from 1909 – 1914 list a Mr. John W. Pendergast (photographer and optician) as the resident of the address. Perhaps Laura was a visitor? A lodger? As Indianapolians looked forward to ringing in 1911, take a look back at what would have been “the best of 1910.” Tell us in the comments, dear readers, what are your lovely remembrances of a past Indianapolis New Years Eve?

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  1. Linda F says:

    I purchased my home in December at 4747 Guion Road , Indianapolis and was given information about the house but I’m curious to know more information about the history of the property and the people who lived here. Also, if you can help figure out who to contact for the actual property lines.

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