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Indiana Soldiers and Sailors’ Monument
Das Deutsche Haus – Indianapolis, Ind.

This past weekend the Athenaeum and the Rathskeller celebrated all things German culture with GermanFest. But when Indianapolis’ German community formed the Sozialer Turnverein Aktiengesellschaft to construct a social, music, political and athletic clubhouse, Das Deutsche Haus (now the Athenaeum) it was home to gymnastic feats like those detailed in this 1905 Penny Post.

Postmarked: Indianapolis, IND., JUN 1905 – 2:30 PM

REC’D: Cleveland, O., JUN 24, 1905 – 4 AM

Message (front):

Just got through jumping and running.

jumped 17.6

Run in 11 4/5



Addressed to:

Mr. Henry Reinhard

30 Ravine St.

Cleveland, O.


A penny for your thoughts … In 1905, most postcards had limited “messaging” space because the United States Post Office forbade messages on the back of postcards (or souvenir cards). It was not until March 1907 that the government allowed correspondents to appear on the “divided back” of postcards.

Tell us … what athletic or intellectual feats did you accomplish at the Athenaeum? Share in the comments or on our Facebook wall.

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