Greetings from Indianapolis, Indiana!

Welcome to our new feature, Penny Post. Every Wednesday I will share a vintage postcard Indianapolis residents or visitors once sent to family and friends around the country.

The historic buildings and neighborhoods of today stand in monument to the people who built, visited, passed by, and watched their lives unfold inside them. The Penny Post will thread together the everyday and extraordinary lives of those who have shaped Historic Indianapolis one cent at a time.

Postmarked: Seymour, IND. May 31, 1940 1-PM

Greetings 1940 BackMessage:
Hello everybody
Having a nice time at Indianapolis
Joe went to see the races with Ford.

Addressed to:
Mrs. John Sheloski
12096 Greenlawn

A penny for your thoughts … The postcard is postmarked from Seymour, Indiana on Friday, May 31, 1940, one day after the 28th International 500-Mile Sweepstakes Race. Perhaps Mary, caught up in the excitement Wilbur Shaw’s historic back-to-back Speedway wins, did not have a chance to write Mrs. John Sheloski until returning to Seymour, a town 62 miles south of the city. At the race, Joe would have watched Shaw become the first drive in the history of the race to win two years in a row. Only four other drivers have won consecutive races in the 500’s 100+ year history.


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*Note: Grammar and spelling may have been altered in the transcriptions for readability.

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