If Detroit is the car capital of the world and Indianapolis in the racing capital of the world, it is only natural that the man who brought the automobile to the masses had a hand in the success of both. An early sponsor of the Indianapolis 500, Henry Ford attended the fifth running of The Greatest Spectacle in Racing. An encounter with Ford is captured in a 1915 Penny Post.

Postmarked: Chicago, ILL., JUN 1, 1915 – 2 PM


Chicago, Ill.


Dear Bro: –

Only a word two tell you that I have not gotten over my roving habits. Saw Henry Ford himself this time. All I can say for him is that. He is just a common man. Everything with him is informal. Ed.

The race at Indianapolis established a new record all around. Ralph DePalma surely put up a good fight. He earned his money.



Enlargement of Ed’s message to his brother, Frank.

Addressed to:

Frank Kopac

Clarkson, Neb.


A penny for your thoughts … What celebrities have you seen at the Indianapolis 500? Share your encounters in the comment section.


Post Script: DePalma’s winning car was a Mercedes in 1915. A Ford engine did not cross the line first until the company partnered up with Team Lotus in 1965.


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