Hugh J. McGown’s Residence, Indianapolis, Ind.

The turrets and spires of architect William LeBaron Jenney’s chateau made for one of the most grand homes that made up Indianapolis’ “Gold Coast” in the 1300 block of Delaware. When this Penny Post was penned, 1305 N. Delaware was the home of the “Traction King,” Hugh J. McGowan, President of the Indianapolis Traction and Terminal Co.

Postmarked: Indianapolis, IND., AUG. 20, 1908 – 2 PM


Many thanks for you postal it is very interesting as well as pretty. This is the home of the President of the traction & terminal Co. I hope you will like the card. Ideal 5508
Mrs. Lulu Youngerman. 224 Harris Ave. Indianapolis, Ind.


Addressed to:
Chester _________
Port Clinton
Box 676

A penny for your thoughts … Lulu Youngerman lived at 224 Harris Avenue in 1908 with William A. Youngerman, a patternmaker.

Read more about the now demolished McGowan residence in this Preservation Denied article and about the other homes on the 1300 block of N. Delaware.

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