Some are Hoosiers by birth; others become Hoosiers by choice. Indianapolis area residents would agree with this 1945 sentiment, we all “like it very much.”

Postmarked: Noblesville, IND., NOV. 5, 1945 – 5:30 AM

Dear friends – I think of you often and wish we could have one of our old-time “chats” in the backyard. We moved down here 3 weeks ago, & so far like it very much. Hope to get to Hartford during the holiday season & have a good night.
Best Wishes – Gordon & Ina Davey


Indiana’s World War Memorial covers five Indianapolis blocks and is an open plaza, set with imposing Architectural Works. The main Shrine is of Indiana Limestone, whose sculptured walls depict World War scenes. A 100-ft. granite obelisk symbolizes the Nation’s power. The American Legion’s National Headquarters also stands on Memorial Plaza.

Addressed to:
Mr. & Mrs. H.U. Amidon
Grand Avenue
Hartford, Wisconsin

Update: The Daveys, Gordon Bishop (1885 – 1966) and Ina Christman (1882 – 1969) moved from Hardford, Wisconsin to Arcadia, Indiana in 1945, where they lived until their deaths. The Amidan couple, Harry U. and Rosella, were Gordon and Ina Davey’s neighbors at 222 Grand Avenue in Hartford, Wisconsin, according to the 1940 Census.

A penny for your thoughts … Were you born and raised in Indianapolis or did you move here from somewhere else? What made you #loveindy as your new hometown? Share below!

2 responses to “Penny Post: I Think of You Often”

  1. Ashley Haynes says:

    A great many thanks to Sharon Butsch Freeland for finding some additional information about the senders and recipients of this postcard!

  2. Tom S. Foster says:

    Born and raised in Indianapolis and moved to Atlanta when I was 28 in April of 1979. I have two of my five sisters in Indy, and oldest niece and nephew, also. Plenty of school friends from the past (Lawrence Township). I have visited many many times Indy since ’79. My folks lived there for decades along with grandparents. I miss the town a lot.
    As to the postcard of the World War Memorial…that building I have only been in once in my lifetime and that was on a cold rainy day in 1977. Fantastic place for military history!

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