Postmarked: Indianapolis, IND., SEP 7, 1907, 11-AM
Received: Buchel, KY., SEP 8, 1907, 11-AM


Indianapolis must be a pretty place judging from some of the cards I have gotten. I cannot tell, however, as I have not left the Claypool since my arrival, and I arrived at about 11:45 P.M. so you know I did not see much. Will probably leave on the 3:55 for Louisville this afternoon. Tell Bernard hello.

Addressed to:
Mrs. B.W. Connor
R.F.D. #10
Buechels, KY

A penny for your thoughts … If you aren’t from here, when was your first trip to Indianapolis? Did you get a chance to explore the city or were you stuck inside? If you are from here, what’s the earliest memory you have of a part of the city?

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