Indianapolis was home to three orphan asylums at the beginning of the 20th century, including the Indianapolis Orphan Asylum. When this Penny Post was mailed in 1909, the Indianapolis Orphan Asylum was located at 4107 E. Washington until it merged with the German General Protestant Orphans and the Evangelical Lutheran Orphans homes in 1941.

Postmarked: Indianapolis, IND., AUG 16, 1909 – 2 PM

Aug. 15th
This shows only a small portion of the “Home.”
Cottages back.
My Division is marked with X.
With love
Orphan1909_backAddressed to:
Miss Myrta Ware
West Va


This 1941 Baist Atlas Plan map shows the 4107 E. Washington location of the Indianapolis Orphan Asylum. (image: Indianapolis Sanborn Map and Baist Atlas Collection, IUPUI)

A penny for your thoughts … what historic philanthropic organization do you think has made a big difference in Indianapolis?