Postmarked: Indianapolis, IND. SEP 6, 1951 4:30 PM

Hi Folks: –
Having a fine time running around the fair grounds. Still have lots to see if it doesn’t rain again. Jack has been busy working & hasn’t seen too much of the fair. Have seen good many Htgton people. Are staying over the weekend at Beech Grove.
C.U. when we get back
The Jacksons


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Addressed to:
Mr. & Mrs. Chas. Overly
E Tipton St.
Huntington Ind.

A penny for your thoughts … The 1951 Indiana State Fair ran eight days, from Thursday, August 30 – Friday, September 7. For a second year, the 1951 Fair featured a free, public exhibit about atomic energy from the American Museum of Atomic Energy (located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee). According to the Kokomo Tribune, the display included 28 individual education exhibits to “tell the story of atomic energy as simply and clearly as possible.” Had he not been busy working, Jack could have watched atom-splitting demonstrations and viewed the 50 foot wide replica of an atomic pile.

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