Postmarked: INDIANAPOLIS, IND., FEB 1911 – 12:30 PM


Dear Annie – Rec’d card after you were home I guess. Why didn’t you call us up. I would have broken my neck to go to train any way. Was too busy to get to Zabels before Fri. Had business to attend to and it was always too late for a call when I was there & anyway I had no idea of your going home so soon. Have you been busy getting ready to get settled?

Love  Laura

Should like to hear demo you & Herman. How about the cha—? How did they find out that you were home? I told you so, Herman!


Addressed to:

Mrs. Herman Karlock Jr.

Hudson, Ill.

Penny For Your Thoughts…

Would you go to a bathing beach like this if we still had one?




One response to “Penny Post: Riverside Bathing Beach”

  1. Jay Howe says:

    This is an inquiry more about a vicinity than a specific location. As a child, I was told:
    That 28th Street at Delaware, Talbot, and Penn. was once a swamp.
    There was a German Beer Garden on the north shore of Fall Creek west of Meridian.
    There was a boat rental livery just east of Delaware on Fall Creek, at the concrete steps going down to the river.
    There once were two large boulders on the shore of Fall Creek just west of College. There were bronze plaques embedded in the boulders commemorating two drowning victims. Was there once a swimming beach at this location?
    There was a small park on Fall Creek between College and 30th Street. It had a wading pool with a fountain in the middle. There also were two or more very well done courts. Always lots of old men playing. Was it Croquet? Was a national championship once held there?
    Why did they build retaining walls at Fall Creek from Delaware to Capitol? Maybe something to do with the swamp?
    Jay Howe

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