…Well, at least in 1916!

Postmarked: INDIANAPOLIS 2 IND., MAR 12, 1916 – 5:30 PM


Indpls, Ind.

Mar 12 – 16

Dear Parents,

I arrived here all OK. I got here at 3:55 this morning. It was 1 hr late at Paris. I am feeling so fine when arrived here. Ha! Will write soon.

Your L.S.



Addressed to:

Mr. & Mrs. C.H.Surber




A penny for your thoughts … Built in 1909, Merchants National Bank Building (currently home to Barnes and Thornburg) is 17 stories (245 feet) tall. Today, the Chase Tower is Indianapolis’ tallest building at 48 stories (830 feet) tall.

What’s the tallest building you’ve visited? In Indy and elsewhere?

3 responses to “Penny Post: The Highest Building in Indianapolis”

  1. Rebecca Bandy says:

    Have you noticed that most postcards are written in pencil? I think because if it had been
    in ink…and gotten damp/wet it would have been illegible. Does that make sense? Also,
    not sure how many people could afford to carry an ink pen with a supply of ink.

  2. D M Shea says:

    Some years back a committee of then Community Service Council did a slide show retrospective of this now-defunct social welfare organization–a look back which included news clips –It included a slide I have somewhere of a news paper clipping when the Circle Tower had its grand opening. In the art lines it identified it as the then-tallest building on Circle but appended that it was also the tallest THAT EVER COULD BE BUILT on Circle or Mile S

  3. Daniel says:

    I used to work in what is now Salesforce Tower, but only on the 14th floor. I have eaten at the Skyline Club at the top of the OneAmerica Tower and visited the observation deck at the City-County Building.

    As far as outside of Indianapolis, I have been to the top of Willis Tower a few times. I also visited the observation deck in Tower 2 of the old World Trade Center back in 1999.

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