I only stay in a city 3 or 4 days.
Aqueduct, Indianapolis, Ind.

Runners, bikers, and paddle boats are commonly spotted along Indianapolis’ Central Canal as it stretches from Broad Ripple to the downtown Canal Walk. A stretch of the canal that is infrequently seen by towpath is the aqueduct that allows the waterway to cross Fall Creek, between Bursdal Parkway and 16th Street. A view of the Indianapolis aqueduct is captured along with Ernest’s request for Mrs. Adin Haverly not to write him … yet.

Postmarked: MAY –, Indianapolis, IND. – 5:30 PM


Although the date on the postmark is unclear, the front features the post-1905 aqueduct construction. Ernest likely sent his note between 1905 and the 1910s – the height of postcard popularity.

Dear Adis.
If you have not wrote me
dont. for I will
leave tomorrow
& travel. will
come east. will
let you know
where I am & when
to write

Addressed to:
Mrs. Adis (presumably short for Addison) Haverly
Akin, N.Y.


A modern view of the aqueduct and Fall Creek looking east.
(image: courtesy of Chris Corr)


A birds-eye view of the Central Canal aqueduct crossing Fall Creek.
(image: courtesy of Chris Corr)

A penny for your thoughts … Steve Campbell’s article, What’s In A Name: Aqueduct Street will tell you  more of the history and influence of the Central Canal Aqueduct.