When Charles Bookwalter began his second term as Mayor of Indianapolis in 1906, he made it a priority to build Indianapolis a City Hall. For the previous 30 years, the second Marion County Courthouse was also home to Indianapolis city government. A photograph of the ornate and regal Second Empire building, designed by Isaac M. Hodgson, is featured on this postcard sent the same year Bookwalter began his second term.

Postmarked: Indianapolis, IND., MAY 19, 1906, 2 – PM

Dear Sophia,
Your letter and postal received and will ans in a few days
all well
with love.
Your Friend,


Addressed to:
Miss Sophie Roser
West Point, N.Y.

c/o Prof Friberger


A penny for your thoughts … Did you know that eight of the statues from the second Marion County courthouse were spared when the building was demolished in the early 1960s? Read more about where the statues are and demolition of this historic landmark in the Historic Indianapolis archives:

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WTH: Marion County Courthouse vs. CC Building

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