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Maple Rd pc inscription



My dear sister: Aug 22. 1916. This is ___and I never got a letter from home. Can you account for that? I can’t. Don’t let it happen again. My “ground grippers” made me sit down on the stairway today. It never hurt but I thought I was a killed girl. I was in a good posture to slide on down but I thought I would rather stay where I lit. We had a storm here between three and four o’clock and it is a great deal cooler now. Have you been to Chautauqua yet?! I am glad you are not going to tent down there. Write me.


Miss Essie E. Patton,



Motor Route A.

(Our) Post Script:

38th is Maple Road

This advertisement for Washington Blvd in 1914 shows both Maple Road and 38th Street used as a reference point.

A 1966 article looking back at the genesis of the earlier “Maple Road” moniker asserts that there were rows of Maple trees lining the street near Crown Hill, felled to widen the thoroughfare. The other theory says even before the trees were planted, the street was named for an early suburb called Mapleton, an unincorporated village at 38th and Illinois streets, and included a church and several stores. Not too different from today’s Maple Crossing.

Penny For Your Thoughts: 

What are your memories, insights, and/or thoughts about “Maple Road”?

4 responses to “Penny Post: Weather Report, 100 Years Ago”

  1. Bob Palma says:

    Does the Hume-Mansur Building still exist, Tiffany? That was such an important medical office, among other things, that I would think it would make an interesting story in and of itself.

    RE: Maple Road. Our family moved to Indianapolis in 1962, when I was 16.

    We lived far northeast in Bendon Park, but I had to travel out far west 38th Street en route to Clermont and the fairly new Indianapolis Raceway Park, to attend the NHRA National Drag Races. I remember traveling along West 38th street when it indeed had many maple trees, even further west than Crown Hill Cemetery.

    There were a few extant street signs for a couple years that identified the street as Maple Lane, but they were pretty much gone by the mid-1960s, as I recall. BP

  2. Tiffany Benedict Browne says:

    Hi Bob-
    Sadly, nope, Hume-Mansur was destroyed and is now Chase Tower, or I believe, soon to be SalesForce Tower.

  3. Dick Jenkins says:

    Interesting that the cars shown are driving on the left – or perhaps the negative was reversed?

  4. Anonymous says:


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