Social Media Photography Winner #Overall by Elizabeth Barrett

Let’s start with how I really feel about last weekend: HOLY **** –take your pick on the 2nd word, because I’ve undoubtedly used whichever one you come up with. Who would have ever imagined that 100+ more people than I’d estimated as a best case scenario would have turned up for The Pajama Game…and all at once? The beginning was overwhelming, to say the least. But wow, what an amazing gift and learning experience.

For those attendees who had patience and compassion (and allow for the fact that “The Pajama Game” was H.I.’s first big public event): I offer you my heartfelt thanks. Here’s hoping you will come out for the next event and marvel at the myriad improvements. Plans are afoot to hold more events similar to this one in different locations– tweaking, improving and growing as we roll merrily along.

Social media photo contest winner #Place by Tamara Hardy Munoz

I venture to guess that most everyone would prefer that if and when they fall on their face, it is before as miniscule an audience as possible– and I am no exception.  That, alas, was not to be my fate, however, and I’m surprisingly ok with that. Admittedly, it took a couple of days of mental processing to get there; but what I had to admit to myself is: if you want to create awesome, if you want to go where no prior path exists, this is the exhilarating and terrifying risk you have to take. And despite various glitches, and falling short of my ideal vision, I did the best I could with the resources available, learned a ton, and am completely grateful for the whole experience.

The majority of attendees seemed thrilled to be taking part in such a unique experience (for less than the cost of a movie ticket, I might add) and it’s too bad that a handful let the snafus get in the way of a good time. I feel sorry for the latter and elated for the former. Brings to mind that Martha Washington quote: “The greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions, and not upon our circumstances.”

Social Media Photo contest winner #People by Hazel M. Walker

I see now: my biggest mistake was trying to be all things to all people. I wanted to include beer, catacombs, the 18-21 crowd, dress-up fun, learning, photos, prizes, social media—the list goes on—and all with a small number of volunteers. Because we did not rope off some areas, to better contain the crowd, the planned welcoming announcement to share tips and hints on the ‘hunt’ never happened. I circulated through the crowd as best I could, to help people with questions participants were stumped on, but I was one person and the crowd was 250– you do the math.

In the end, I hope everyone remembers the positives: how many times in your life have you seen such a wide cross-section of people wandering a public space in their pajamas after hours? How often do you go do something so unique? When is the last time you left a place feeling a deeper sense of understanding and appreciation for it? H.I. is a bare bones operation and I tried to pack the maximum possible value into the evening. I’d like to believe that my biggest goal was realized: that everyone left City Market with a new appreciation and a different set of eyes. If just one new visitor fell even a little bit in love with City Market, The Pajama Game was an immeasurable success, snafus be damned.

Social Media Photo Contest Winner #Words by Scott Munoz

Profound appreciation to EVERYONE who partook last weekend—from the volunteers, to the sponsors to all the participants—many thanks for making H.I.’s “Pajama Game” what it was.

Thank you: Stevi Stoesz, Lauren Girouard, LaKisha Smith, Maki Takano, Elizabeth Lenzi Wertz, Steve Logan, John Wertz, ‘Big’ Ben Risinger, Slick LaRoo, and others who stepped up last minute!

Thank you: City Market, Sun King Brewing, Tomlinson Tap Room, DoItIndy, IndyHub, Maraschino Events, Harloh’s Vintage, Molly Connor Photography, Pam Fraizer Designs, Fancy Fortune Cookies, Crimson Tate, Ball & Biscuit, White Dog and Bold Think Creative!

Our next event is more low-key and co-hosted with The Hoosier Chapter of the Victorian Society in America–the program is  “Revisiting Victorian Indianapolis,” with Marsh Davis and David Peat at Indiana Landmarks Center and will be followed by a toast to H.I.’s 3 year anniversary. Hope you can make it on July 19th at 7pm. (Our calendar has event info as well) If you are into architecture, photography or just old things in general, you won’t want to miss it!

Still wondering about answers to the Game?

All the photos taken by Slick LaRoo are posted on our flickr page.