One of the oldest standing White Castle buildings is this little place, located at the corner of Ft Wayne, Walnut and Delaware. Though no longer a restaurant, the building looks nearly identical to when it was built in 1927.

According to the recent National Register Nomination submitted in March 2011, this building is the third oldest White Castle building still standing in the country, and the two older ones are not as architecturally well preserved. It is one of the few still standing built in white enameled brick, used before the switch to porcelain steel as the exterior material. The restaurant also had the distinction of having been the White Castle in the longest operation in the same building, from opening in August 6, 1927 to closing April 30, 1979.

The White Castle at or near the end of its restaurant life, 1979. The old phone booths and sign no longer remain however. (IUPUI/IL collection, more photos here)

The interior no longer has any resemblance to a restaurant due to a 1983 remodeling converting it to office space. However, the remodeling has meant that the building has remained occupied and in good maintenance since, preserving this little piece of American restaurant history.

Ever eat at this White Castle?