Today, this photo from the ’90s shows half Preservation Denied, half Preservation Affirmed. The old theatre on the right is now known as “Talbott Street,” a well known drag-club venue. However, the cool commercial building north of it that used to be on the corner is no longer there–at one time, the Corner Grocery was there–2157 N. Talbott Avenue. It was demolished in 2003. These days, as we try to strengthen the core and neighborhoods want amenities like a neighborhood grocery, buildings like these are sorely missed.


One response to “Preservation Denied and Affirmed: 22nd & Talbott”

  1. Howard Beasley says:

    This photo brought back many memories. I lived in this neighborhood and worked at Franz Drugs, 124 E. 22nd Street (cor. Talbott Street) from 1951 ’till 1959 or ’60. I have kept a few photos of this corner if you are interested. The theater was the Talbott (or Talbot) and the name was changed to the Coronet.

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