If you are a faithful reader of our site, you may recall our interview with Indiana Landmarks President, Marsh Davis, cited the Board of Trade building as one of the bigger losses to preservation in Indianapolis. The building was also seen in this morning’s “Then and Now” post.

The Board of Trade building was finished in 1905 as the home of the Board of Trade business club. The eight-story building was constructed of a reinforced concrete frame with brick curtain walls, probably one of the first instances of such construction in the city.

A postcard sent shortly after completion of the “dandy” building. The view looks southeast from Ohio Street.

Board of Trade building soon after completion, looking south (Hyman’s Handbook to Indianapolis, 1907)

View from the Circle of Christ Church Cathedral with the Board of Trade building behind, probably around the 1920s. Note that the ornamental scallops on the top edge of the cornice had been removed by this point.

1934 photo of Christ Church, again with the Board of Trade in the background. (Historic American Buildings Survey)

Christ Church Cathedral, 1975. The Board of Trade building still stood just to the north of the church, but with a much more simiplified cornice. (IUPUI/IL collection)

The building stood for 77 years before being demolished in 1982. After the site was vacant for a couple years, the Bank One Tower (now Chase Tower) was built on the site, being completed in 1990.

The demolition of the Board of Trade, 1982. This view looks southwest. (IUPUI/IL collection)