The 1876 Marion County Courthouse, designed by Irishman Isaac Hodgson, is probably one of the biggest losses, literally– and in terms of architectural and historical significance, of Indianapolis Preservation Denied.

1877 Marion County Courthouse

The building stood for 85 years, but in 1962, the needs of more space and modern coveniences were fulfilled by a new, modern, million square foot office tower known as the City-County Building.

Courthouse under demolition

Photo from the IHPC files showing the old courthouse under demolition–destroyed in 1963. Where this ornate Victorian jewel once stood is now a concrete and grass plaza.


4 responses to “Preservation Denied: Marion County Courthouse”

  1. Jessica says:

    Was this North or South of where the City-County Building is now? (It looks like South?)

  2. Tiffany Benedict Browne says:

    Correct. The current City County building was built immediately north of the Marion County courthouse while still in use.

  3. L. B. Wilhite says:

    My father once told me that shortly after the City County Building was completed, it won an architectural award for a structure that exhibited “outstanding consummate dullness.” I didn’t fully-understand the meaning of that description, nor what a travesty it was when the old courthouse was demolished, until I was a high school student in the mid-1960’s.

  4. Dennis Ray says:

    It’s ashame, I always wondered what the interior looks like and I’ve seen all kind of old structures back as a little kid that’s now gone too Indianapolis has tore down a lot of old structures..

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