Streetcar tracks peek out from the pavement on Delaware Street by the City County Building – Photo – Ryan Hamlett

As summer road construction season comes to its seasonal decline, workers downtown have been diligently ripping Delaware Street into shreds, producing waist-deep holes through which they can repair the city’s subterranean infrastructure. In one such pit, it was interesting to watch workers try to navigate a narrow strip of street-level steel that bisected the crevice, obstructed their work. While for the most part, Indianapolis’ vast network of interurban rail lines were pulled up and scrapped¬†there are a few places in and around downtown where the lines were simply paved over. Above, the actual tracks and brick lined street below are visible just north of Washington Street, yet one can follow them for nearly a dozen blocks north, their seasonal hot and cold expansion wrecking havoc on the pavement above. The same can be done heading east on Washington Street past East Street, heading under elevated tracks via the awkward two-way center span, height¬†adjusted for streetcars that no longer pass below.