How lovely it must be to conduct one’s daily work from the Allison Mansion at Riveredale–part of the campus of  Marian University, alongside Riverside Park

Exterior, Allison Mansion at Riverdale, designed by architect, Herbert Bass

It’s hard to believe there’s a home anywhere in the vicinity based on the view out the back to the ‘wetlands’

Wetlands view out the back of the Allison Mansion

If you were to look out these windows and doors when it was first built, you would have seen mostly woods. Though Marian has done an excellent job of spreading in-fill buildings out. This room is on the right in the photo above

Looking out the window next to the front door, this view could not have changed much...

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  1. Carol Street says:

    For historical pictures of the Wheeler estate, also now part of Marian University, you can find them digitized and online at These are part of the Ball State University Libraries’ Drawings + Documents Archive collection.

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