Quite often on this website or companion facebook page, we talk about how sad it is to have lost so many beautiful homes and buildings and what a shame something wasn’t done to stop the destruction.

City Gallery demonstrates that there are alternatives to the ‘bulldoze it’ mentality–working with a number of partners, City Gallery is connecting people to the right resources so they can realize the dream of living in a home that others might have considered just knocking down. So! If you or someone you know is interested in living nearer to downtown, there are some amazing options available. Imagine making a difference and being part of the movement that saves our city from further destruction in addition to finding a cozy and conveniently located home.

What makes an awesome city is its people and its unique culture–this includes its art, architecture, history and commerce. And what better place to inspire you, with a view of The Villa, a Bed & Breakfast that looks like an old castle (designed by well known Indianapolis architect, Herbert Foltz) and the former home of very well known Indianapolis author, Meredith Nicholson–the home known as “The House of a Thousand Candles” and now home of Indiana Humanities.

Come see City Gallery’s colorful space during their Grand Opening this Friday from 6-9 at 1505 N. Delaware Street–connected to the Harrison Center for the Arts. And speaking of connected, you can stay connected with City Gallery via their facebook page and stay abreast of the latest goings on with them.


Above and Below, visitors can enjoy the space and the view of Delaware Street and many historic homes.


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