Keeping up with the theme of our upcoming Pajama Game, collaborating with City Market, local photographer Chelsie Roy (thank you!) contributed a couple of photos from the vantage point of the City County Building, looking down on City Market.

With the symmetry of this perspective, you definitely get the idea that city government had a say or was at least that their view was top of mind…

Wonder what it would have looked like, had Tomlinson Hall still been standing? Or with the many different incarnations of the flanking space on the east and between Tomlinson and City Market to the west?

One 1970s article I recently stumbled across claimed that the Indianapolis City Market is the longest running retail establishment in Indiana. Sounds plausible. What say you?


2 responses to “Room With A View: City Market from City County Building”

  1. basil berchekas jr says:

    Those are thought-provoking questions about Tomlinson Hall…(incidentally, was Ralston’s “west market” square morphed into “military park” by any chance?)

  2. joe says:

    Funny how those pictures look like a model.

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