The 1903 Pagoda (also known by many as the Pavilion) in Garfield Park is a historic outdoor room at the top of the park. Disappointingly, the observation deck is no longer open, but still the main floor has some great views of the oldest city park (yes, Military Park is older, but is a state-owned park).

Looking south
Looking south from the Pagoda, at the wooded parkland that has always comprised most of Garfield Park. The walk seems to lead to an idyllic destination somewhere in the forest.

Looking north
Looking north from the Pagoda, on a vibrantly blue stormy day earlier this month. The swimming pool complex is seen down the hill.

The Pagoda
The Pagoda from the south. The observation deck, accessed by the spiral staircase in the center, has been closed off with a welded steel plate. Times have changed in the 108 years since it was built.

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  1. Michael Corbin says:

    How much does it cost to rent this out on March the 31st my name is Michael Corbin it’s going to be a family event for my birthday asap

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