Despite the appearance of this building on Illinois, we may at least allow that it is conveniently located and offers some unique views of the city! Above, looking south from the fire escape.

And below, looking due east towards the American Legion; above looking northeast to the Central Library. These views and this building could be yours…if the price is right!

2 responses to “Room With a View: Gatling Gun Club”

  1. basil berchekas jr says:

    Will stay with this post; its fantastic!

  2. David Brewer says:

    I had seen the Gatling Gun Club article on the StarNews website and started poking around in city directories and old Sanborn maps. Looks like prior to the club buying the building in 1919, it was apartments, the office of a coal company, and was also used as another fraternal organization’s clubhouse (the Knights of Columbus) at least as far back as 1898.

    Looking at the Sanborn map from 1887, the building is actually a double. The 1898 Sanborn shows the building in more or less it’s present footprint (with the exception of the added on buildings in the back).

    Hope someone can do something good with this building. Old houses in this area are pretty well nonexistent.

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