Sneak peek: Today’s Room With a View is where we’ll be having Historic’s first social gathering– hosted by Core Redevelopment at Harding Street Lofts on Thursday, May 17th, starting at 6pm–space is limited, and rsvp’s are required register here.

View back side of Lauter Lofts

HI will be doing a number of social events in the coming months (after the feedback received in our survey a couple of months ago). The first event will give you a chance to meet some of HI’s contributing writers and to learn about what else is coming up for HI–all while having the opportunity to check out one of the coolest new apartment complexes in the city.

It’s still under construction, but you’ll be able to check out some of the completed units here–I immediately felt the Jennifer Beals’ “Flashdance” warehouse-crib vibe here. Love it.

More info forthcoming on Harding Street Lofts, but for now, feast your eyes on a few of the views…

Facing Harding Street


One response to “Room With a View: Harding Street Lofts, 1st HI party locale”

  1. basil berchekas jr says:

    That is EXACTLY what needs to be done with Indianapolis’ “industrial legacy”; another suggestion would be to get a high-tech company to take over such buildings and use them like what’s happened in, say, New England? (These people who move into these recreated lofts have to have real jobs somewhere!)

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