Here’s a snap from New Orleans on the Avenue, former home of Zing and many other businesses over the years.

The Walker Theatre is celebrating its 85th birthday right now with a series of fun events, including a dress up 1927 Cotton Club Party this Friday, November 9th.

On Tuesday November 13th, a free Indy Talks event (including yours truly as one of 5 speakers) “Re-Imagining the Future of Indiana Avenue,” and on Thursday, November 15th, former member of the Supremes, Mary Wilson performs “Stormy Weather: the Lena Horne Project.” Don’t miss the chance to participate in these fun events at this amazing theater and cultural hub.

One response to “Room With a View: Indiana Avenue to Walker Theatre”

  1. basil berchekas jr says:

    Must follow this type blog! Ms Walker also had a mansion townhouse on “Striver’s Row” in western Harlem New York at the foot of Morningside Heights where she lived out her life as a highly successful female business person (and probably the first minority one)…

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