It’s one of those places you’ve passed hundreds of times, but have probably never seen: the Indiana School for the Blind tucked away off College north of the 7700 block.

The Indiana School for the Blind had been situated downtown, between Meridian and Pennsylvania Streets between North and St. Clair Streets, but had to move when plans for the World War I Memorial moved forward with a comprehensive plan. (The 1923 legislature enacted a law for moving the school to a new site) The American Legion Mall and all the buildings and monuments are indeed lovely, but so were the many buildings that used to stand there. (We will cover some of those in future posts.)  In the meantime, the building that included 14 buildings and was constructed off College Avenue was designed by architecture firm Harrison & Turnock and constructed between 1927 and 1930. The school started operations here in 1930.

I was thrilled to get a cursory tour of the property last week, and wanted to share a few vistas from the property. Above, looking back through the front door.

Looking towards the incoming driveway and a gazebo.

Looking into the main entrance area (above) and out towards the drive (below)

One of the views from the back of the property

(Below) from the cafeteria, the ‘Water Tower’ is visible out the window.

Another view out the back side of the property.

It’s a lovely property and we plan to show you more in the near future!

One response to “Room With a View: Indiana School For the Blind”

  1. basil berchekas jr says:

    Absolutely beautiful! And in a local area to match! And it’s located in one of the “pre-unigov” prettier neighborhoods in the Indianapolis “old city limits”.

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