Guilty admission: last week was the first time I’d ever been INSIDE the War Memorial…after almost 8 1/2 years as a greater downtown resident! (For shame, for shame) Got the most fabulous tour from the kind and knowledgeable Brigadier General J. Stewart Goodwin, the Executive Director of the War Memorial. What a treat!

I had apprehensions, based on my love of all the amazing buildings torn down to realize the vision for this monument, and also the frequent comments about how the building of this structure was funded. However, it is here, it is beautiful, and it is worth visiting. Repeatedly. I’ve lost count of how many pictures I’ve snapped of the exterior, but the interior literally took my breath away. If you  haven’t been yet, do yourself a favor: GO! It is open Wednesday-Sunday 9am-5pm and you may tour it for FREE.

Stay tuned, the War Memorial is the next stop in our video series of  ‘Seldom Seen Spaces’ of historic Indianapolis. At the War Memorial, they don’t want to be–and after my visit, I know, it sure shouldn’t be! We got rare views, not open to the public and share it with you all here:

…and the window opens! If I worked here, I know where I’d eat lunch at least 3 days a week!

Breathtaking view! Looking across the American Legion Mall to the Central library.

and northwest view, including the Scottish Rite Cathedral…

and northeast view with the Minton-Capehart Federal Building…

2 responses to “Room With a View: Indiana War Memorial”

  1. Sharon Butsch Freeland says:

    My maternal grandfather, Stuart Austin Tomlinson (1898-1981), was the bugler for the 42nd Infantry Division aka “The Rainbow Division” in World War I. He donated his bugle collection to the Indiana War Memorial, when the building was completed in the 1920s. I don’t know if his collection is still on display, but when I was a child, my mother would take us to the World War Memorial on holidays like Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Armistice Day (now called Veterans Day), to see our grandpa’s bugles, after which we would go to Crown Hill Cemetery and place flowers on the graves of our ancestors.

  2. basil berchekas jr says:

    I felt “overwhelmed” inside the World War Memorial like I did inside the Scotish Rite Cathedral…outstanding!

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