Say what? Eh, since everyone loves an acronym, thought I’d join in for a mo. I shan’t leave you in suspense: this view, courtesy of our regular contributor, Libby Cierzniak, looks at the Indiana State House from the Indiana State Teacher’s Association building. The view is certainly captivating in this direction!

4 responses to “Room With a View: ISTA to ISH”

  1. basil berchekas jr says:

    ISTA to the Indiana State House (ISH)! OK! (There used to be a good restaurant on the corner of Market and Capital in the ISTA building, and a bar upstairs as well that got a pretty good crowd…lots of State emplyees and legislators could be found in both locations)…

  2. Donna Winsted says:

    You forgot to mention the SOB in the background!!!! (that’s what they used to call the Government Center North – State Office Bldg)! 😀

  3. Michael says:

    This view is from the top of the ISTA building, correct? That was once the Indianapolis Press Club.

  4. Donna Winsted says:

    That restaurant in the ISTA building was Miller’s Restaurant. They had fantastic food! They eventually moved across the street south (can’t remember the name of that bldg) but it was never the same. Then they closed after several years.

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