I think we all know that someone around here (ok, yeah, it’s me) is far more inclined to frequent an historic hotel, given her druthers.

What this new one, the JW Marriott, has going for it (for me) is…some cool views. (I’ll bet the highest floors have incredible views!)

Frankly, they could advertise “free viewing of baseball game” with overnight stay from quite a few of those floors, no doubt! “Best seats in Victory Field,” it might beckon…

And though the best architecture in the direction of the following view is obscured from this vantage point (due to the ugly and more recent government dreck), I’ll bet, again, that a higher floor, affords a far more glorious view in a northeasterly direction.

Seeing the lovely simplicity of that Wm H. Block lettering inevitably brings a smile to my face–wistful over its storied past. *sigh*

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