Today’s Room With a View comes from Relocation Strategies in the 900 block of Buchanan Street in Fountain Square. Their office is located in a former residence that has been repurposed as a business office.¬† They are proud to inhabit what was a SEND¬† renovation project. SEND is an acronym for Southeast Neighborhood Development, Inc., which is a non-profit community development corporation helping to revitalize the near southeast part of the city.

They have a view of the downtown skyline from work, without having to fight for parking.

And zoom in view…

Thanks to Relocation Strategies for sharing their unique piece of the city’s mosaic of views.

If your home or business has an interesting view you’d like to share, please email a photo and a few details to feedback (at)

One response to “Room With a View: Relocation Strategies in Fountain Square”

  1. basil berchekas jr says:

    LOVE the view! It would be nice if that parking lot next door could be redeveloped with a building and parking garage to add to the “built envirnnment”…just hung up with urban areas looking “urban”…

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