Again, no pretending that I have a handle on the Indy500 thing, so I’ll just share that based on the reaction of others better educated in this checkered world, having a suite at the Indy500 is apparently a really big deal. Since it turns out I have a friend who leases one of these sweet suites, I thought the view from one might be of interest.


Other than the catered food, bartender and cushy indoor seats, the reprieve of air conditioning and convenient W.C. I’m sure the experience is pretty similar for everyone who is paying attention to the fast cars. When it comes to the spectating part, these seats offer nanosecond views of racing cars, just like the seats across the way without the amenities. However, for those who devoteldly follow this activity, I hear impassioned assertions about where the best seats are–on this turn or that. Sorry to say, I’ve tuned most of that chatter out. So, you tell me: what makes any of these seats superior to others? What makes for the best view of cars driving in a circle? Enlighten me! I guess I see the views from the pagoda would be best if you can see the whole track.

The concept I did embrace: having a couple beers on a warm Indianapolis day, like just about everyone else.



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