Happy Father’s Day! Today, we have a few advertisements celebrating dads.

First is a Father’s Day 1945 advertisement for the Meridian Furniture Company. As the ad says, “Furniture makes a GREAT GIFT…one he can enjoy every day in his leisure hours at home.” Despite the world war still going on, they had great deals on All-Metal Lamps, Dandy Desks, and “Genuine Early American Style” (images of a smarmy salesman saying that come to mind) Secretaries. 1712 N. Meridian Street is now the location of a modern office building and a PNC bank.

Meridian Furniture, 6/16/1945

In 1940, Harry Levinson was advertising soft braid straw hats for dad. Cool and comfortable, and stylish, for Father’s Day and the rest of the summer.

Harry Levinson, 6/15/1940

From 1934 comes this ad for Joe Wolf’s Hosiery, Dress and Lingerie shop. Thanks, Joe, for starting the myth that dads want ties for Father’s Day. Though, in 1934, perhaps they did. It was a more dapper time afterall.

Joe Wolf's, 6/9/1934

Finally, from the same newspaper page as Joe Wolf’s is an ad for something that I personally would much rather have than a tie: cheap travel on the interurban. Less than one and a half cents per mile…with inflation, that would be just 24 cents now. Too bad that in 1934 the Indiana Railroad had less than seven years left in existence.

Indiana Railroad System, 6/9/1934

We hope that you all have a great Father’s Day, how ever you spend it.


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