We wouldn’t want to make any hasty generalizations, but it’s fairly safe to say there will be copious imbibing today–in Indianapolis and everywhere.

Where moreso than Lucas Oil Stadium for SuperBowl XLVI?

Perusing a handy copy of an 1892 directory revealed a list of nearly 300 saloons in Indianapolis and the biggest of the adverts amongst those listings…

Parkinson’s New Place, which, if it were still around today, would have been swarming with people–it’s proximity to the stadium being ever so convenient.

Tennessee Street, for the uninitiated, is now Capitol and the view from the northeast corner of South and Capitol Streets today:

2 responses to “Sunday Ad: Stadium Adjacent Saloon 1892”

  1. Laura Legault says:

    Would love to see the rest of the alphabetical listings for these saloons. My Great grandfather owned one probably about that time. I believe it was on the land that now houses Victory Field! If you could show the rest or tell me if it is online I would appreciate it!

  2. Scott says:

    Alas, there will be no more union made cigars around here either.

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