This was a nifty find–and advert for Imperial Roofing Tiles, offices in Chicago and New York, featuring the home of E. E. Crane of Indianapolis, George & McLucas, Architects. So much the niftier that the home still stands on Washington Boulevard, presumably as part of the historic Meridian Kessler neighborhood. This 1927 advert showcases the multi-colored roofing tiles, and since I’m not keen on trespassing on private property–well, certainly night when there is a high probability of being caught, anyway, I couldn’t discern from the street whether or not that same tile is in place. If it is, it’s sure faded in the past 80+ years. It’s always fun to see Indianapolis featured in the national ads–well, I guess we’ll have plenty of that in the next few weeks, eh?

As the former EE Crane home appears in January 2012


One response to “Sunday Ads: Imperial Roofing Tiles in Meridian Kessler”

  1. Jim says:

    How cool is this!

    I’ll bet you could have gotten some access if you had taken the ad up to the door and rang the bell.

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